AIR 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 in CSE 2015 are our students. Heartiest Congratulations!
Mains365 (2016) Current Affairs Material
45 Days Program on PHILOSOPHY Optional by ANOOP Sir
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Toppers' Talk by Tina Dabi AIR-01, CSE 2015 Toppers' Talk by Artika Shukla AIR-04, CSE 2015 Toppers' Talk Ashish Tiwari AIR-06, CSE 2015
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Test Series

Test series is the hallmark of the of Vision IAS. Every year thousands of students utilise Vision IAS test series based on INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM™ to improve their scores. The immense response from the students and huge surge every year is a living testimony of our commitment to quality. The test series from Vision IAS has become an indispensable tool for every serious aspirant.

Program Objective:
This is a comprehensive and intensive ‘interactive’ distance learning / online / class room program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in Civil Service Exam . Our experts provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing.
Approach & Strategy:
Our simple, practical and focused approach will help aspirants understand the demand of UPSC exam effectively. Our strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors like core competence, availability of time and resource and the requirement of Civil Service Exam.
Our Interactive Learning approach (Email / Telephonic Discussion with Experts) will continuously improve aspirant’s performance in the right direction.

Test Series - options

We provide following modules for test series -

Prelims - 2016

Prelims - 2017

Mains - 2017

Mains - 2016  (Registration for optional subject test series is closed)

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Fees: Rs 1,20,000 [Online classes* - Rs 85,000]
Duration : 8 Months (Tentative)
Classes Started : July 11th/ Aug 16th/Sep 19th,2016
Upcoming Batch :
Nov 21st, 2016
                         (09:00 AM) 
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Fees: Rs 1,20,000 [Online classes* - Rs 85,000]
Duration : 8 Months (Tentative)
Classes Started : July 16/Sep 24, 2016
Upcoming Batch : Nov 26th, 2016

                                 (09:00 AM)
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    Alternative  Classroom  Program 2018    

Fees: Rs 1,50,000 [Online classes* - Rs 1,20,000]
Classes Started : July 11th/ Aug 16th/Sep 19th,2016
Upcoming Batch :
Nov 21st & Nov 26th, 2016
                         (09:00 AM) 
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    Alternative  Classroom  Program 2019    

   Fees: Rs 1,75,000 [Online classes* - Rs 1,50,000]
Classes Started : July 11th/ Aug 16th/Sep 19th,2016
Upcoming Batch :
Nov 21st & Nov 26th , 2016
                         (09:00 AM) 
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Mains 365 - One Year Current Affairs in 75 Hours(English & Hindi medium)

Hindi Med Fees: Rs 15,000 [Online classes* - Rs 13,000]  Eng Med Fees: Rs 18,000 [Online classes* - Rs 16,000]
Duration : 25-28 Classes (Tentative)
Classes Start : 10:00 AM, Sept 21(English Med) and 10:00 AM, Oct 4 (Hindi Med)
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Fees: Rs 55,000 [Online classes* - Rs 40,000]
Duration : 60-65 classes(Tentative)
Classes Start : August 23rd,2016
Time : 02:00 PM
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          CAPSULE MODULE on ETHICS- PAPER IV          

     Fees: Rs 9,500 [Online classes* - Rs 9,000]
     Duration : 10 classes (Each Class 2 Hours)
     Upcoming Batch : October 17, 2016
     Time : 05:30 PM
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Philosophy for Civil Services 2016 (English & Hindi medium)

Fees according to Module (click on 'Learn More'**)
Ongoing Batches - August 11, 2016 @ Jaipur & 
                        Nov 15, 2016 @ Pune
Upcoming Batches - Dec 10, 2016 @ Jaipur

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Advance Course 2016 - General Studies Prelims 2016

Fees: Rs 35,000 [Online classes* - Rs 30, 000]
Duration : 60 classes (Tentative)
Classes Start : April 18, 2016
Time : 02:30 PM
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Online classes* - Students can attend classes through live streaming at their home also. – For enquiry, please call - 9643005747  (12 PM to 7 PM)


Our program provides a dedicated support system for holistic personality development of the candidate to give him the confidence to face the interview board successfully.

  • Interview Counseling with Professional Psychologists
  • DAF analysis session with senior faculty members of Vision IAS
  • Mock Interview sessions with Ex Bureaucrats/Educationists
  • Interactive sessions with previous toppers
  • Personality Development Workshop
  • Current Affairs Classes & Notes
  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback



AIR 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 in CSE 2015 are our students. Heartiest Congratulations!


Gaurav Agrawal

Rank - 1


Akshay Tripathi

Rank - 4


Bharati Dixit

Rank - 5


Sakshi Sawhney

Rank - 6


Johny Tom Varghese

Rank - 8


Medha Roopam

Rank - 10


Faiza A. Mumtaz

Rank - 17


Sheetla Patle

Rank - 22


Prabhav Joshi

Rank - 23


Himanshu Agrawal

Rank - 28


Manisha Khatri

Rank - 35


Gaurang Rathi

Rank - 40


Arindam Chaudhary

Rank - 42


Sushant Gaurav

Rank - 58


Roshan Kushwaha

Rank - 65


Swadha Dev

Rank - 66


Rituraj Raghuvanshi

Rank - 67


Anbamuthan M P

Rank - 88


Kundan Kumar

Rank - 89



Raghvendra Singh

Rank - 12


Sonia Meena

Rank - 36


Rishi Garg

Rank - 49


Nitin Singhania

Rank - 51


Divya Mittal

Rank - 68


Ramesh Ranjan

Rank - 76


Madhusmita Sahoo

Rank - 133


Pradeep Dahiya

Rank - 142


Akhilesh B Varriar

Rank - 153



Gitanjali Brandon

Rank - 6


Harshika Singh

Rank - 8


Aurangabadkar Amrutesh Kalidas

Rank - 10


Nikhil Pavan Kalyan

Rank - 60


Chandra Vijay Singh

Rank - 94


Garima Singh

Rank - 109


About Us


VISION IAS is India’s premier research, and training institution, which continuously innovates to help Civil Service aspirants actualize their dreams through ‘integrated efforts’ of Interactive learning system, Team work, Technology & Innovation

Our Innovative Interactive Learning System incorporates:

Mission & Vision

To be a part of nation building by nurturing our students, so that they are not just participants in classrooms but active co- creators and empowered agents who can not only pass the toughest exam but also take the immense responsibility of being a Civil Servant.

Our Strengths
  • Flexible and highly Adaptive Learning System
  • Building a strong Student- Teacher bond which is individual specific.
  • Student Centric Approach with Unbroken Feedback Loop™
  • Round the Clock Expert Support & Guidance
  • Continuous Research & Innovation
  • Integrating Information Technology Solutions to enhance learning capacity & optimising efforts
  • Evolving our material constantly to keep ahead
  • Evaluations based upon strictly UPSC patterns to give a clear picture of a student’s capacity
  • Provide constant motivation and mentorship to build upon the weak points and work towards strengths.
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Directors Message


Dear Aspirant

I would first like to tell you that I appreciate your courage to take up this exam, I’m using the word “courage” here intentionally, as I understand the gravity, difficulty and dedication required for this exam.

At Vision we believe in your dreams as passionately as you, and therefore succeeding in it is a combination of your hard work and the right guidance. Our approach here is to assist you in a manner that the entire process of preparation is intellectually enriching, and also help you evolve as an individual.

Innovation is the key word for us at Vision, and that also means we learn as much as we impart, learning is always a two way process and it’s our core belief here. It’s my personal endeavour to make the entire course student centric, with highly evolved feedback mechanism. We want it to be as democratic as possible and your feedback is essential for this.

Our Team of Experts and Research Associates constantly strive to make the material that is of utmost quality and standard, it is reflected in our Test Series and Content, we don’t take these words lightly, and are dedicated to make it the best. Also we have strived to integrate latest technological tools to make the whole learning process seamless and effective for you.

In the end your success is our intent and in that intent is our achievement too. So wishing you all the best, may you realise your dream.

Ajay Kumar Singh                     
Founder and Director

Anoop Kumar Singh                     
Founder and Director


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We are committed to quality and integrity, and strongly believe the success of our students depend greatly on the competence and attitude of our experts. If you feel that you have the right mindset and also passion and dedication, do contact us. We always welcome fresh talent.

Vision IAS experts will possess:

  • Academic ability relevant to the subject
  • Understanding of the requirement of UPSC and aspirants
  • Innovative & Creative Skill
  • Practical , sustainable & simple approach
  • Positive attitude to be a team player
  • Love of learning

To become a part of Vision IAS Team, Please send your resume to